A four step guide to receiving your exclusive designs!

Fill our our form


Fill out our form

After navigating through the Services' tab on the Create_Space homepage, you can check the designs/branding options which are applicable to you. In case you want to place a customised order, you can check the relevant box.
You will then proceed to fill out a short form- which includes your name, email, and contact number.

Our Design lead gets in touch with you


Our design lead gets in touch

You will receive a call from our design lead within 24 hours of you filling out the form. They will guide you about our process & services and you can discuss your design requirements with them.
Once our Design Lead has a clear idea of what you are looking for, you can move on to the next step.

Confirm your order


Confirm your order

After your detailed conversation with our design lead, we will quote a price to you in exchange for our service.
Once we have received the online payment confirmation, we will start working on your designs!


Finalise your design

Before the stipulated deadline, we will submit a couple of design samples; abstracts, sketches, and more tailored exclusive designs. You will then choose the visual that you like best, and we will email it to you!